Viking, 2005. Gwenore of Wales is the daughter of a cruel witch and born under a curse. When Gwenore is rescued by a serving maid, a boy, and a mysterious priest who knows more than he will tell about her birthmark, she is taken to an abbey where she is cared for and given the name Mary Blondine. But she is discovered and taken to a community of women called Blessingwood, where she is promised shelter for the rest of her life. She is trained in medicine and music, and she thrives. Her name is changed again, this time to Singer. Then the community is betrayed and destroyed, Singer escapes to the kingdom of Lir, where she is hired to care for the king's beautiful and loving children. But her mother has not forgotten her - or given up her search for power. While the king is away on a journey, he marries the witch, and as soon as they return to Lir, the witch murders the children and traps their spirits in the bodies of swans. All of Singer's powers are needed now to bring back the children, even if she must put herself in grave danger. Singer's friends, both human and Fair Folk, join her in the final battle with her mother over the children.


The true story of the Children of Lir and the girl who rescues them.
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